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Home page of Sean Barrett, dysfunctional programmer.

240510 hero
240504 goodweb

Neat UI to see what the time is or will be in other timezones.

240504 webapp
240504 FOSDEM

the standard git workflow

240504 git
GTK+2 UI programming lecture

Prof. Stewart Weiss’s lecture to get started with GTK+2 is great.

240504 GTK+2
iffybooks - zines

free pdf zine, very cool.

240504 zines
When Gnome had soul..

Archive of ~2002 linux wallpapers. Mostly gnome, but others as well. SOVL

240504 gnomo
2001 - 2004 linux screenshots

excellent collection of linux screenshots

240424 screenshots
Bug 141154 – icon view with thumbnails

classic GTK issue opened in 2004, halfassed implemented in 2022 only for GTK4 .

240424 badware

Blog hosting large collection of monstrous imagery.

240424 art
NAD 3020 budget hifi guide

This has been my hifi setup for the last 10 years, it sounds great.

240424 HiFi
single-file web server
240424 program
The Cyber Vanguard

Great site with lots of links and guides on programming (check out the gamedev page^ ) and

240424 goodweb

A stupid little javascript thing that emulates winamp on your webpag. I think I will add this to the guestbook and have it play my Udio masterpieces.^

240424 webshit

Legal Lullabies

240424 tos

Small and tasty bitmap fonts.

240421 font
NeoVim vs. Vim

Vim is, without question, the worst C codebase I have seen.

main reason I added this link was so I could post the quote above 8).

240421 vim
Pixel Grimoire

Series of 8 articles on how to create Pixel art by Pedro Medeiros.

240421 art

Alternative (not bloated) frontend for medium.

240421 alt-frontend
unsafe screensavers

jwz is angry because big OSS projects (gnomo, cinnamon, mate) made a less secure fork of XscreenSaver AND relicensed and removed his name from the credits. Gnome is evil, their software is insecure. listen y’all it’s SABOTAGE.

240421 badware

Websites that look like desktops


I was """inspired""" by this CSS for some of the UI on the site.

240420 css
Alex Schroeder’s Diary

Massive personal wiki. I think he has built the wiki platform him self. Looks cool. I was worried he was using the same background color as I, but it is slightly off.

240420 wiki
htmz - a low power tool for html

166 bytes in total. Zero dependencies. Zero JS bundles to load. Not even a backend is required. Just an inline HTML snippet.

240420 htmx
My Lolcow & Me

Foreverlikethis linked me this article of his, i read. It was good. Sometimes the cow milks you.

240420 psychology

Creator of the movie: The Wizard of Speed and Time (1988)

youtube: The Wizard of Speed and Time (1988) HD Remastered
The Wizard of Speed and Time (1988) HD Remastered

240420 goodweb

Generate AI music from prompts. You need botnet account, but damn this shit is fun.

240420 AI

some person of no importance or significance who roams on the internet.

240412 blue
Backwards Progress

Some examples of software that have “”"progressed""" in the wrong direction.

240410 stubborn-tech
Clipper Chip

Mid 90’s hardware spyware. Never forget.

The Clipper chip was a chipset that was developed and promoted by the United States National Security Agency[1] (NSA) as an encryption device that secured “voice and data messages”[2] with a built-in backdoor that was intended to “allow Federal, State, and local law enforcement officials the ability to decode intercepted voice and data transmissions."[2]

240410 gloware
Collapse OS

Operating system designed to be easy to implement if(when) society collapse.

240410 osdev
Graham's TWM page 2

Comfy page about ricing good old TWM, with lots of screenshots and links.

240410 rice

GTK from bash?

240410 GTK
Kicks Condor

Very personal, very bookmarks . Great inspiration!

240410 link-cowboy
Links: Sizeof(cat)

well curated webgarden


New from scratch minimal search engine.

240410 swede
Stopthemingmy App

gnomo devs are clueless to why their users don’t want padding, rounded corners and flatshit that makes their desktop programs look like broken mobile apps.

It would be fun with a counter campaign, we could call it: “” .

240410 gnomo

Andrew Tridgell^ , legendary programmer, author of samba and rsync, has lots of fun stuff in his junkcode/ directory. For instance this webserver that supports server-rendered HTML via bash powered templates!

240410 goodweb
XML Is the Future

Great article about software hype-cycles

240410 badware

First with RSS feed

240407 psy
Home page of Jarkko Oikarinen

Personal website of creator of the IRC protocol.
hasn’t been updated since the 90’s, in a good way.

240405 IRC

sonic is blue, the least thing we can do is taking the blue pill. commodorian logic.

240403 sonic

I don’t know who this is but his site is blessed

240403 neocitizen

I will always remember Luke as the one who fell for every /g/ meme, but also for getting us hooked on selfhosting webservers. is based.

240403 luke-smith
IRC history

by Jarkko Oikarinen^ , inventor of the IRC protocoll

240402 IRC
Carson Gross interview
youtube: HTMX Web Apps with Carson Gross
HTMX Web Apps with Carson Gross

[] interview with Carsson Gross, creator of HTMX^ . Carson seems like a great down to earth guy.

Highlight: the microsoft story^

240401 HTMX
which fren are you?

Dr. Cozy has mapped “spectrum” personalities.
which fren are you?


240331 cozy
brainfucked life, the game

comment section is kind of wild, especially this one from Linus himself:

I wrote it from scratch, but with plenty of comments and whitespace to keep everything straight in my poor head. =)

240330 swede

Excellent blog, dude and friend

240329 cozy

Current www record holder in webring

240329 webringer
getimiskon's space

likeable gyros expert

240329 gyros

Plot of internet land owned by RisingThumb. Powered by werc^

240329 topmark

African cyber scientist. Dreams in gyro.

240329 gyros
240329 gas-station
Pax Pamir

Found this rare youtube video^ , showing how to play, Pax Pamir^ the board game, in the browser. Maybe one day I will.

240325 boardgame
Foreword to Learning Perl (1993)

We were wizards” - Larry Wall’s foreword to Learning Perl from 1993.

240324 Perl

A portable microkernel-based multiserver operating system written from scratch. Actively developed, looks super comfy.

240324 osdev
TDE Guide & Review

Cozy article and video review of the Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE).

240324 rice
A Tour of Acme

Russ Cox with a 2012 introduction to the Acme editor from plan9

240317 acme
OKLCH Color Picker and Converter

Neat way to specify and visualize a OKLCH color space.

240317 webapp

I don’t know who Iris Lightshard is, and I don’t think we would get along, but they have lots of interesting projects, links and articles.

240316 indieweb
The Object Oriented Way

Free book by Christopher Okhravi, a senior lecturer at Uppsala University. About mastering OOP in C#.

240316 book
The Scandinavian paradox

researchers in the US and UK found that countries with an existing culture of gender equality have an even smaller proportion of women taking degrees in science, technology and mathematics (STEM)

240316 article
cavemans theories for u

Very cool site. I found it after some git drama^ that happened to i3wm back in 2019. Caveman has a patch for i3wm that supplies the same functionality as budlabs i3wizvis^ , but with essentially one line of C code instead of buds insane ~2000 lines of AWK|bash spaghetti. Cavemans patch was rejected because he didn’t behave on IRC..

I believe Caveman to be savant-stooge^ btw.

240313 philosophy
Tailwind marketing and misinformation engine

Rant about tailwind css, a bad idea based upon a misunderstanding.

240218 badware
PCSX2 disable wayland

Until they sort their s**t out, which is unlikely, since there’s been very little progress over the last decade, just keep it disabled. For the Flatpaks, users can re-enable it with flatseal if they really want the crappy experience

Tip check out the archive link.

240202 badware
paku paku

1D pacman

240123 pacman
Ditching GitHub

tomscii author of the [terminal emulator zutty] andμMon - minimal host monitoring^ , ditches GitHub and migrates his repositories to a selfhosted (Gitweb) solution with a email-based git workflow^ .

240122 breakfree
Torvalds on GNOME3

Linus tried GNOME3 back in 2011, and didn’t like it. No one did.

230923 badware
Life in APL
youtube: Conway's Game Of Life in APL
Conway's Game Of Life in APL

Game of life, in one line of APL from scratch, in 7 minutes. Impessive, very nice.

230808 screencast
Wayland Showstoppers

KDE list of reasons they can’t recommend wayland as the default yet.

Edit: maybe they do recommend it now, i don’t know, and they have renamed the page, still a good summary on what is broken in this episode.

230724 badware
Blurry text GTK4

Classic GNOME/GTK.

What makes you think that sharpness is a metric?

230721 badware
GTK filepicker vs. Thumbnails

Great summary of the infamous “Thumbnail support in GTK filepicker” issue.

230721 badware
Gtk vs Wayland

I don’t think we want to follow a protocol that lets the server dictate ssd.

230702 gnomo
Arcandev, Wayland Rant

Top-shelf rant in comments from maintainer of Arcan^

230701 swede

A project where all animated gifs from geocities pages has been archived and made searchable.

230617 gif
Terms of Service ; tldr

Nice project, that breaks down and rates Terms of Service (TOS) agreements.

230617 tos
Pointer Pointer

photorealistic xeyes^

230614 pointing

random “sexy” stallman photos

230614 rms
Firefox Profilemaker

A little less russian-roulette about:config for Firefox.

230612 firefox
Dig Deeper

edgy site with good original content.

230611 topmark
Hacker Typer

silly webapp lets you larp as a hollywood hacker.

230611 typing

personal website by the author of a popular emacs fork.

230611 rms
1985-1999 DE screenshots

collection of screenshots of desktop graphical computer environments, with detailed comments about what is pictured.

230605 screenshots
Oh My Git!

git can be difficult to grasp at first, maybe this open source game built in godot can help.

230604 git
tiny tools roundup

cute list of more or less useful and more or less free software, presented in a neat UI I believe is generated from a google docs spreadsheet?


collection of all the rants from Linus Torvalds on the kernel mailing list from 2012 to 2015 classified by the amount of hate and sorted by it.

230603 dataset

Search engine for websites containing minimal CSS and little or no JavaScript.

230603 search

Simple and perfect temporary file hosting.

230526 webservice
Dudemanguy Wayland Rant

Legendary ricer and mpv contributor: dudemanguy, writes about his journey from wayland believer, working hard to make mpv more wayland compliant, to non-believer.

230518 wayland
Graphic software timeline

presentation with lots of videos, photos and screenshots of the evolution of graphical software. Timeline starts at 1959.

230514 computer-history
TLS handshake revealed

The page fetches it self byte-by-byte and is a good way to see what a TLS handshake does.

230512 network
Free speech VPS test

Anon made a comprehensive comparison of privacy focused VPS providers to find which ones are the most tollerant when it comes to “free speech”.

230508 privacy
SPDX Tutorial

Good introduction on how to use SPDX.
tl;dr SPDX is a standard for including license headers in source code, which is much terser (2 lines), than including the massive block of text that the actual license requires.

230507 copyright
HTMX is the future

This article is praise for a “new” webtechnology, that aims to make development for web, be more like it used to (before javascript). HTMX can replace bloated javascript frameworks, and lets you use any language for both “frontend” and “backend”. And it is almost completely server-side rendered.

230506 webdev
Bookmark Download

I think there are some good ideas and insights in this article:

  • bookmarks can and should be local.
  • 3388 bookmarks is only 4.7GB
  • browsers built in bookmarking is bad

They also mention the web extension: SingleFile^ , which I started using myself just a week ago. This made me thinking that a browser extension that combines SingleFile and somehting along the lines of this article would be really nice to have/create ;)

Web Extension for saving web sites

SingleFile is a tool for saving a faithful copy of an entire web page in a single HTML file.

230430 webextension
What is wrong with TOML?

[T]TOML .. I never understood how this mess of a config format ever became a thing outside of Tom’s obviously dirty basement.

230426 TOML
C Oneliner Symphonies

Low level underground music.
There is also this awk version:^

230421 programming