^ is up and running. And so is the frontend. I want to make a user that runs all those extra servers. And systemd path units that automatically reloads them when configs changes (on push of the site).

Next prio is to make legit blend in with the page, shouldn’t be to difficult.

I think i will add like a braindump section to this, the todo, page. Like I get ideas, stumble upon neat stuff or a place to paste new codeshit i picked up, that is all related to the site. I don’t want the blog to be a blog about how i created a blog where i write articles about making a blog.


  • POST thunar as music player
  • FIX all buttons on the page now use one css (instead of 3) file
  • FIX tidy up some javascript stuff
  • ADD HTMX boost on all pages, may or may not speed up loading of pages
  • POST origin s02e02-03
  • FIX use JS instead of dirty CSS to animate topnav buttons
  • LINKS added some links
  • FIX make topnav buttons stick in active mode
  • ADD some bookmarks
  • FIX Moved all JS into a js file instead of inline
  • POST origin s01e01
  • LINKS added 6 new bookmarks
  • FIX changed some layout stuff, videos “float” on posts
  • ADD rss button, stupid but it “works”
  • ADD post: origin s03e03
  • FIX smaller font-size shorter lines on blog
  • ADD post: origin s04e01
  • FIX even better youtube links, now called via: partial/youtube-placeholder
  • FIX better render hook for links, that doesn’t load unnecessary youtube iframes
  • ADD topmark: nsiphr
  • ADD post: good enough for <3
  • ADD CSS greentext quoteblocks
  • FIX height of header on todo matches number of buttons
  • FIX forgot an script include of htmx in header, removed now
  • ADD , and uglo files.gif button
  • FIX some issues with RSS , also full content in RSS
  • added 11 bookmarks
  • made it so that my draft-toggler script, update publish date
  • fixed top right content css on todo page
  • added headless about section, included on homepage
  • massive under the hood file restructuring
  • internally links/ is moved to bookmarks/ / used instead
  •^ made me use, build options, its good!
  • FIX youtube embeded only happens when eq .Text .Destination
  • bruteforced youtube autoembedding with renderhooks
  • made embarassing post
  • made a new home button
  • force size of topmarks (88x31) because psydbernz
  • made a push.bash script
  • blog button goes to blog list and not latest
  • use caddy instead of nginx
  • added guestbook alpha version, more work needed
  • use CSS grid for topnav, forcing row with 88x31
  • added tagcloud to tag listings
  • changed layout a bit for bookmarks and other lists
  • added separate layout for article/tag list
  • added html {scrollbar-gutter: stable;}
  • updated the todo button, its yellow now!
  • un-drafted a bunch of bookmarks
  • complicated the todo section, each item has a page
  • added this todo/ thing
  • different favicon for published/developed site

Git files - 4 - 3

accept a patch | mail from outside.

When it is setup it will have a button in topnav named files or nergenware?

CSS/layouts for legit

systemd path unit to autoreload on config change

about_section - 4 - 5

redesign the root home page to be an about page, which is actually a single page about section. On that page i would like to mix personal and technical stats, like both what my favorite music and text-editor is, as well as what distro the server is running on and what the software stack for the site has.

The template for this page should be made a lot more fun then for the blog, with js easter eggs and stuff.

I can make the logo - 3 - 5

I need a 88x31 button so, and a favicon or two, and an avatar.

When i published the site i realized that it would be nice to have different favicons for the published and the local version of the site, and possibly a third one indicating local version with/without drafts.

This should be easy to setup using emojis for the local versions.

And when i have a brand, make an image favicon for the published site.

For the button i have this idea of keeping it lose and switch it around, maybe, or maybe just do hat for the “home” button in the navbar, and have a static brand design for the version made so people can share.

guestbook - 2 - 3

Working on this has been a ride, i knew close to nothing about any of the stuff (Go, HTMX, NGINX/caddy) prior. But learned a lot making this stupid little guestbook.

It works now, needs some styles and shit.

I also should add a captcha, but low-key kind of want trollspamming to happen first.

Also I got tons of ideas on how it could be extended, i will dump some here:

CSS grids - 2 - 3

Redo most of the layouting with css grid. This is something that can just be done gradually, I have experimented with it on some pages and it isn’t as much work as i thought, i think.

helper scripts - 2 - 1

I did a push script it will to till i have the git shit setup.

Have still not made a todo-poster script .

hilite - 1 - 3

As of now, embedded dotfiles on the blog, is done with render hooks, and i haven’t been able to have syntax hilighting on them play nice, so i disabled it completely.

Even though, i am a downlighting kind of guy, it would still be cool to figure out how to get it working.

This is borderline “high” effort, because it is the messiest parts of hugo templating…